The impacts of climate change on coffee: trouble brewing

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Studying the future of coffee and climate change

Coffee is one of the most valuable and important commodities in the world, and one of the crops most threatened by climate change.  Our new Earth Institute report, "The impacts of climate change on coffee: trouble brewing", studies the global future of climate, suitability, variability, production, and prices for coffee.

Read the report

Download The impacts of climate change on coffee: trouble brewing, our full report.

For more details, see the report supplement.

Read the academic materials

The academic version of the report has more scientific information.  The academic report is broken into chapters below:

  • Front Matter (Executive Summary and Introduction): PDF
  • Chapter 1: Climate change in the coffee belt: PDF
  • Chapter 2: A new coffee production database: PDF
  • Chapter 3: Climate suitability: PDF
  • Chapter 4: Internal variability: PDF
  • Chapter 5: Empirics of production: PDF
  • Chapter 6: Price interconnections: PDF
  • Chapter 7: Looking ahead: PDF
  • Tool documentation: PDF

Use the tools

In the course of producing the EI Coffee Report, we produced a set of data and analysis tools.

  • The coffee production database: Git (request for access)
  • Analysis tools for suitability and production: Git
  • Hierarchical linear modeling R package: Git
  • Table: Changes in suitability by country: PDF
  • Table: Estimated country production coefficients: PDF

Slides from the Report